Our Products: Cranked Yarn by Johanne

Back by popular demand, Timber Yarns is again partnering with Johanne Pare.  Johanne is an expect sock cranker and teacher who is located in Quebec. She is charging $15.00 to crank a pair of high quality sock tubes.  If you would like her to crank an entire pair of socks, she will do this for $25.00.  This time around, Johanne is offering free shipping from her location to yours.

If you would like to purchase a Twin Sock design and have Johanne crank a pair sock tubes or entire socks, please return to our Home page and shop normally.  When checking out, use the code crank003 which will let us know that the item(s) you purchased is(are) to be cranked and will disable our usual shipping charges.  Please keep this purchase separate from any other product that you do not want cranked.  Message Timber Yarns either by e-mail (info@timberyarns.com) or IG (@timberyarns) with size(s) (don't forget to include male or female). We will send Johanne the yarn you ordered for cranking with the sizing information.  

We are taking orders for this fabulous offer until 11:59 pm on Sunday, January 5, 2020.  Don't miss out on this extra special offer!




















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